Status of Consumer Redress

The Receiver completed the Claim Application process on February 9, 2023. You are an eligible consumer if you completed a Claim Application and the Receiver notified you by email that you are eligible. You can log in to the Claim Application Portal using the link above to view your Claim Application Determination Notice, which tells you if you are eligible and, if you are, your Amount Paid and Lot Purchase terms for each lot.

The Court ordered the Receiver on June 14, 2023 to: (1) send the first round of payments to eligible consumers; (2) market and sell the Belizean land; and (3) survey eligible consumers to determine their lot election choices.

First Round of Redress Payments Issued

On August 16, 2023, the Receiver mailed the first round of redress checks to eligible Sanctuary Belize consumers. The Receiver didn’t send checks to Kanantik consumers because there is no cash available for those claims at this time. Instead, Kanantik consumers will receive payments only if the Kanantik land is sold.

Marketing and Sale of Receivership Estate Assets

On June 14, 2023, the Court ordered the Receiver to begin marketing and trying to sell the Sanctuary Belize and Kanantik land. The Court authorized the Receiver to market the land for sale through a Request for Information process followed by a Request for Proposals formal bidding process. The Receiver completed the Request for Information process and began the Request for Proposals process on May 29, 2024. The Request for Proposals offering memorandum may be accessed here.

Lot Survey

On April 8, 2024, the Receiver sent consumers a Lot Choice Survey by email. By responding to the Survey, consumers made a choice about their future in Sanctuary Belize and Kanantik and what they would like to do with their lot.

The Lot Choice Survey is now closed. The deadline to make lot election choices was July 8, 2024.

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